Other Services

Check Printing   Fee depends on style and quantity of checks
Cashiers Checks   $5.00
Money orders   $3.00
Overdraft & Non-Sufficient Funds Fees   $22.50 per presentment of an item (1st five per day - after 1st five on same day, no charge)
*The categories of transactions for which an overdraft & non-sufficient funds fees may be imposed are those by any of the following means: check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Deposit Items Returned   $10.00
Account Research: (1 hour min.)   1 year or less…$25.00/hour
    Over 1 year…$50.00/hour
Special Statement   $2.00
Replacement 1099   $10.00
Replacement Debit Card or PIN   $5.00 each
Stop Payment (all items)   $20.00



$0.50 each

Wire transfers    
Out   $20.00
In   $5.00
International (In/Out)   $40.00
Check Cashing (non-customer)   $10.00
ATM withdrawal (non-customer)   $3.50
Notary Public   $2.00
Safe Deposit Boxes - Yearly    
3x5   $20.00
3x10   $25.00
5x5   $25.00
5x10   $30.00
7x10   $40.00
5x15   $45.00
10x10   $50.00
Fax (In or Out)   $2.00
Rolled Coin   $5.00

International Debit Card Transaction Fee

Returned Mail Fee

Counter Checks


1.70% of the transaction amount


$2.00 per check